Oct 24,

What is new in Mobile Application?


We must agree, mobile applications are the future of interaction. Whether it is socializing or advertising, mobile applications are the next big thing when it comes to spreading the message, creating awareness and initiating action as well. But what do mobile applications bring to the table in terms of marketing and most of all, why do we need an application anyway? For businesses, you need a mobile application for building relationships, reinforce your brand’s identity, increase your accessibility, increase exposure and connect with like-minded people to engage with.

Mobile applications have changed the way we see mobile phones. Nowadays when calling simply wouldn’t do and is considered obsolete, in today’s world, according to an online survey, more than 7 out of 10 people who use a smart phone rely on applications to communicate with others. That means mobile applications need to be powerful enough to initiate a conversation over the internet, and that is exactly what has been done. That is the main reason why people resort to online communication more and more every day. It is not only easier, it is fairly cheaper, is free and intuitive.

Did you know, more and more interaction occurs on mobile devices? Over 5 billion mobile phone subscribers which makes roughly 77% of the world’s total population are now online, does that tell you that there are billions of opportunities to engage and spread awareness? But how do you capitalize on this growing trend that has taken the world by storm? You see, mobile applications are actually internet applications that are designed to run on smart phones. They help users connect to the internet and serve as a viable replacement for laptops and desk top computers. In a not so patient society it makes all the sense in the world to have a smaller device that lets you stay connected, access your most needed service quickly being on the move.

With so much potential, yet some companies think they don’t need to engage with consumers at all because they already have a fan base or following which is adequate. That perception later leads towards a downfall that can be avoided if companies invest and move with the timeline. In fact, you’ll notice that many companies and small businesses you interact with, have their own mobile applications, to make engagement easy for the consumers and taking their marketing to the next level. Here are a few things you’ll be missing out on, if you still think mobile applications aren’t that necessary;

Be visible to the customer

Statistics show that the average user spends more than 3 hours every day on their mobile phone. While only a handful of applications take that time to be looked into, if you manage to design one for your business, you could also be one of the few ones.

Create a direct marketing channel

You can engage with the right audience at the right time, knowing when or where can you advertise. Mobile applications help you gather valuable insights into your consumer, providing them information, prices, bookings, offers, etc.

Provide value to the customer

By sending in customized greetings and messages through your application, you can help enhance your consumer’s experience when it comes to your brand’s identity. Loyal fan base is created using mobile applications, why? Because they are more direct and targeted.

Stand out from the competition

You can take big leaps ahead of your competition through your mobile application. While many businesses try to initiate lasting relationships with their consumers, you can easily understand and counter with your own creative ideas and inject them into your application. Facebook ads, banners and newsletters, all combined with the proper timing and design will do wonders for your brand or product. It will make it easier for your consumers to understand that you’re just a ‘tap’ away.

Build brand, and brand recognition

For brand, your mobile application is just like a blank billboard. You can do what you want with it. you can dress it up in a fancy design or just leave it vacant. You can also combine a great design with great content, the best of both worlds’ which, in turn gives you feedback from the consumers and helps you re develop and make a great comeback. Constant improvements help your consumers realize you are working to enhance their experiences, which creates value for your brand.

For recognition, the more you get your consumers/customers to involve with your application, the better the turnout would be and inclination towards your product. The better you advertise through the closest mediums, the better the outcome of your campaigns would be.

While there’s no debate that mobile applications can save your business, you can always try and look into some examples of how mobile applications helped catapult businesses altogether.