About Media Planning

Boopin believes that an effective Media Planning is achieving the maximum media exposure through utilization of the best media channels effectively and efficiently. As a seasoned media planning agency in Dubai, we have already mastered the art of creating the most suitable strategy for meeting the client’s campaign and the most suitable space. In every marketing plan that Boopin does, it is imperative that all key performance metrics are laid down to verify the improvements, success or even failure. In this way, both parties are at par with the development of each campaign.

Market Analysis:

Any strategic media planning strategy will not be able to succeed if it is not based on pertinent research and market analysis which is considered a very strong foundation to determine the viability of every strategy and campaign. Through integrating an effective Market Analysis, Boopin can determine any problem that may arise while the campaign is being activated and accordingly, deal with it. Boopin has a crisis management team that handles inevitable repercussions arising from the campaign. However, Boopin makes sure that all plans and strategies will be properly executed through an effective market research.

Media objectives:

Every plan, to be able to work, needs a sustainable roadmap, a direction that will keep everything align and within the scope of the entire project. This is where Boopin comes into play, it lay down all the campaign objectives to determine the viability of the campaign. Through this objective, the purpose of a campaign can be determined and as to how far it should go as far as metrics are concerned. In every campaign, it is not always important to receive a huge number of impressions or reach if does not serve the purpose. What matters is achieving the set KPI according to plan and objectives.

Media Implementation::

Here comes the most crucial part, the media implementation. After the pertinent market research and the realization of objectives, the next big leap that needs to be done is the execution or the actual implementation of the campaign strategy. Boopin meticulously monitors all activities of the campaign, it carefully assesses the progress and threats there are. Boopin assures that everything will run as smoothly as planned.

All successful campaign starts with a simple yet feasible plan. It is also an important aspect of a very effective media planning and buying.

Boopin, as a reputable media planning and buying agency, sees to it that no money will be wasted in an inappropriate campaign. Boopin always exercises due diligence in every given project, they understand the fact that effort and hard-earned money is at stake here, that is why Boopin make sure to plan everything first before taking a step forward, although they welcome that fact that complications or even failure may arise in the middle of every seemingly-smooth sailing camping, still, it is best to anticipate all possible shortcomings and minimize every risk.

In every media buying opportunity that is being entrusted to Boopin, it always aims to lessen the cost of every campaign. It integrates the precautious the most suitable media channel that likely to yield a greater output.

Right after all the necessary steps have been implemented in the planning stage, media buying comes next. This stage must not be taken for granted because it will determine if the campaign will be able to perform properly or not. All media campaigns’ success lies primarily on how experienced a media buyer or media buying agency is, a side from good connections and purchasing influence, they must calculate the desired impressions, reach, views etc. to different media channels.

Boopin, being one of the leaders in the media buying and planning industry, has collected tremendous experiences already to cope with various scenarios arising from every campaign. That every promotion’s message must be properly conveyed to the target audience and confusion must be eliminated along the way thus, delivering the best-planned result or even, exceed expectations.

While the campaign is being executed, Boopin carefully monitors everything through it in-house facility, appropriate tools and software are being utilized to provide the most accurate data as possible.

The advent of Real Time Bidding – RTB

It is about bidding for the best spot online, we’re doing it digitally. It is a Google product and is a kind of automatic bid obtaining program that purchases impressions each one in turn, taking into account demographic focusing on. When we are going to purchase an opening or space anyplace to advertise, we begin by offering on an impression, and on the off chance that we win, our promotion is in a flash showed. However, about all RTB stock is non-ensured. We consider RTB just for digital campaigns in light of the fact that it is more figured and attentive in the meantime. Why use it? Since it is not so much hazardous but rather more simple to execute than outside media.

Digital Planning

It is as straightforward as it can get. We are arranging and purchasing computerized media through RTB as well as through different other neighborhood sellers so as to ensure that you get all the presentation you require. For the most part, Google is the fundamental player here for us, as the greatest inquiry mammoth there may be, it is a more refined and streamlined interface that helps us set up a strong situation for promoting on the web. We ourselves, clients of innovation feel that there is enormous potential for internet publicizing which is improved for portable experience. We have come to comprehend that subsequent to going portable is the future, we likewise ensure our customers comprehend the genuine capability of publicizing online which is advantageous for different shoppers.

Outdoor Planning

For the outside, we arrange making life simpler for our customers as well as for potential purchasers for the customer. Once the customer affirms space, we contact the merchants for a specific space and recommend why it is essential and helpful that our customer picks it to publicize. Much the same as our office guidelines and standards, we have and dependably will keep all procedures straightforward for our customer, which builds up enduring connections and affirm a space, a time period or only a flag if necessary. Once the arrangement is executed, our customers see their crusades become animated.

Timing plays a very vital role in every campaign there is, timing can make or break even a well-thought plan. Every brand or agency must be sensitive enough to determine all the internal and external factors that may affect the campaign. Understanding media and subsequently initiating innovative advertisements are the most imperative elements of media buying.

In an industry that is subjugated by giant brands, many small players are just being contented with the small amount of attention they receive, through Boopin, even small brands must rightfully attain a huge campaign strategy to maximize their presence. In the past, Boopin has proudly nurtured various successful media campaigns already. The best about it is that Boopin works in a very flexible manner depending on the client’s budget, preference, and marketing plan, a simple legacy that goes a long way.