About Integrated Communication

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is very crucial in an organization, it is safe to say that it can make or break any company if dealt with incorrectly. The secret of every effective and successful campaign it to be able to deliver it in exactly to its target audience, therefore, any digital agency like Boopin must carefully the audience’s behavioral patterns which includes their interests, needs, emotions, and activities, in this way we can make sure that all messages are conveyed properly.

The concept of Integrated Communications is very simple, it’s basically mere ensuring that all forms of the company’s communications and messages are unified, this is to make sure that all information is cohesive and consistent. Integrated Communications helps everyone in the organization to always be informed any advertisements, changes on corporate identities and other useful updates.

The core process that revolves around effective IMC starts with a proper investigation of pertinent information that will be beneficial in building a strategy. After gathering all details, the next step is to define the goals and objectives of the plan, this will provide a roadmap for the company, the direction that will keep everything aligned. Once this is in place, the company must determine the budget, this serves as the fuel that will keep all pertinent plans working, always devise a flexible and feasible budget plan. Lay out all the plan and finalize the procedures of every campaign strategies, all detailed information must define in every step of the process. Finally, do not forget to evaluate every result you get, it will help in keeping track of your progress and will help determine the viability of each strategy.

Several organizations have begun moving toward Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) because it prevents confusion and frustrations in the communication and promotion process. A simple step towards a smooth sailing process. IMC helps assess the vital parts of the communication process and provide clarity and uniformity amongst all employees and the entire brand as a whole. This methodology also helps the organization to understand its target audience well because companies are able to provide the best medium for every marketing strategy. More so, it distinguishes the most suitable techniques for building relationships with clients and partners a like.

As time passes and thus perceptions become broader, many advertisers are realizing the huge capabilities of IMC to the entirety of the business process. Through this, they have developed numerous approach and techniques to strengthen this process.

However, some critical parts of IMC rise along the way, it is now being viewed as the systematic key business process as opposed to just being a simple strategic understanding of different communication procedures in a certain business. These organizations, are grasping and embracing IMC and consolidating it into their business developments because it understands the estimation of organizing various communication tasks instead of having them work independently.

Due to all the proven benefits and advantages of IMC, it is now gradually receiving its mainstream spotlight, especially to business-to-business advertisers. We can say that in the past, businesses are very reluctant to change as far as marketing tools and strategies are concerned. Various organizations are just using minimal mediums only in every campaign resulting targeting the same audience every time.

In this time and age, buyers are now acquiring more experiences, they tend to experiment a lot, resulting in a varied pattern in their purchasing behavior. Through this, companies must engage in an integrated channel or medium of marketing communications to grasps the majority of the clientele. The secret here is to be very consistent in every communication that a business wishes to convey in all channels or medium to avoid confusion from the target audience.

IMC provides various benefits in a different aspect of an organization, first, it builds trust, every customer does not easily believe in every campaign that an organization does, yet through effective integration of Marketing communication and through consistently providing cohesive campaigns, the customer will likely be trustful and will soon develop loyalty to the brand. IMC also increases efficiency, since you are running a unified campaign, the process becomes less complicated and easy to handle. More so, a company will save a lot of time, effort and money in providing various creatives, videos, and other campaign materials, through the integrated campaign, the same paraphernalia will be utilized in the entire campaign.