Oct 24,

Latest Digital Trends


Marketing has undergone a major transformation in the last decade, responding to new technologies and changes in consumer behaviour and attitude. How has marketing changed or why has it changed?

Marketing is now consumer based. In the last few years, advertisers have analyzed how consumers respond to different kinds of marketing techniques and after understanding what sort of campaign would work best with a particular kind of consumer, they’ve narrowed everything down, from the time to the proper visual, which are all quite compelling and action orientated. With 2018, marketers need to stay ahead of their competition, and so, here are the top digital marketing trends of 2018.

Relationship Marketing

Did you know, 2 billion consumers worldwide own a smartphone? This also means 2 billion opportunities and all the more important to connect with them. This trend is one of the top growing trends of 2018 as well. Brands and services are advertising through different applications like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote their products and services alike, making sure the message is not just heard but is action orientated. With so many opportunities, marketers have finally understood the importance of delivering the right message to the right audience, at the right time as well.

Fan Following

Did you know, nowadays more and more brands are focusing on engaging with their fans? Why? Because if you take a look at the amount of pages being made on Facebook and YouTube, you’d know how many fans have created alternate pages and posts for the brands they like an appreciate. What this does for the brand is that it creates a double edged sword, they are able to identify what their fans like and cut through the clutter and make meaningful, targeted content that is tailored to their audiences only.

Live Video Screening

Videos are amongst the most popular forms of engaging your audience. It is no surprise because videos are being shared more across social media than photos, a survey concluded. The way to engage audience with videos is quite easy. If you haven’t you should check out applications like Meerkat and Periscope, where you are given an opportunity to stream live video straight onto Twitter. You are on your way towards sharing live video with your twitter community, engaging with your audience on a more personal level and interacting with them through interactive Q&A. Marketers are now devising creative ways for making videos that are not just enjoyable, but informative as well to keep the audience engaged.


Instagram has become more than just an online content sharing application. Instagram is now known for not just being the most popular image and video sharing application, but one of the most sought after social media platform to engage with all sorts of people. This gives marketers a wide variety of audience but can, if they wanted to, single out individuals and target their campaigns to them. The resulting shares, likes and tags spread creating awareness and compelling action.

Consumer Marketing

There is no better, effective way to advertise than through consumers themselves. Yes, it relies greatly on the brand, product quality but sometimes even the most sought after brands of the world struggle to create proper engagement. That is when jaded fans step in to save the day and drive the brand to new heights that helps it sustain that place within people’s hearts. Most of the times, as older campaigns used to work; hammering their messages inside of people’s heads, just don’t work. Consumers themselves campaign for these brands, loyalty plays the key role in this method. Tags, shares, suggestions and experiences shared through different social media platforms do wonders.

Content Re-marketing

Last but not least, content re-marketing. Writing blogs, sharing them and other content. This method is used to recapture the audience who strayed away from continuous hammering. The new content you share should be excellent, interesting and insightful at the same time. Bring back the audience you once had and have them campaign for you.