Ding Feng Live Auction Campaign

Ding Feng Auction is a Singapore based company which provides the Feng Shui / Geomancy Services with daily Facebook “live auction” of their products.

Boopin’s main scope of work was to gain awareness, increase followers and creative Support

1) 10k Followers by end Jan 2019 (Current followers 1k plus)
2) Increase sales
3) Increase Viewership of FB Live auctio

IG Forex

Media planning and buying


Boopin were able to meet the KPI that IG Forex instigated from the very beginning, all CTR and Impressions were able to deliver on every campaign, conversion rate rose up to 2,19%. As a result, IG Forexwas able to gain more website visits, leads and even sales for the span of the campaign.


To carry out this lead generation campaign, we used different tools such as social media, Google AdWords & Search and Oracle platform.

To carry out this project, our team provided a great effort to accomplish 40 million impressions, 2 million users were able to reach us and use our service, based on that we had 450 thousand clicks, 300 thousand downloads in 3 months and finally we received more than 12 thousand leads.