Fixtr is a mobile application that will help you to locate the nearest household services like Plumbing, Air Conditioning, handyman, Cleaning, Electrical, Car Wash, and Swimming Pool Maintenance.

We made this app with a great deal of usability and usefulness for all users in mind. This mobile app received a tremendous amount of downloads in the first month itself.


This application for providing the official geographic addressing system in a few Emirates like Dubai, Ajman, RasAl Khaimah.

Makani aims to make it easy for all residents and tourists to search and locate places and enjoy navigating to desired destinations by using mobiles, tablets …

Challenges: To carry out this lead generation campaign, we used different tools such as social media, Google AdWords & Search and Oracle platform.

Many thanks to the efforts that have been provided by our team we accomplished 30 million impressions, 2 million users were able to reach us and use our service, based on that we had 0.3 million clicks, 100 thousand downloads in 3 months.