Rani Refreshments


Rani Refreshments (RR) was established in 2012, following the successful establishment of a partnership with Coca-Cola Company & Aujan Industries.

Since inception, we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing tailored, effective & distinctive communication services and business solutions to all our clientele.


Rani Refreshments (RR) desires to improve its website visit and its performance. This requirement is coupled by the company’s initiative to run a 6-month digital campaign.

To carry out this lead generation campaign, we used different tools such as social media, programmatic display & videos, Google AdWords & Search and Oracle platform.

For this project, our team achieved considerable efforts with 4.5 million impressions, 3 million users were able to reach us and our service, based on that we had 1.5 million clicks, 850 thousand views and 250 thousand engagements in 6 months.