Mar 04,

Best search marketing trends for 2018


Let’s start this year of 2018 with a bang! To give you some of the insights that has been lurking around, Boopin initiated a comprehensive research on some trends that may play a major role in the world of search marketing.Voice Search – with the rapid growth of voice-controlled gadgets like mobile phones and google home, its not unlikely that voice search will surface as one of the most common means to search online. Voice search capitalizes on the power of voice or speech recognition to search the net. This deemed to be the easiest way to look for something online. Through voice search, Google sets an algorithm to determine the request based on the sentence the user is saying. Compared to normal searches that requires at least 3-5 keywords only, voice search entails more than 10 words.Marketers must all be cautious in delivering their marketing strategies for both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) today onwards, as per the study made by Google, 20% of the mobile queries are voice searches.Artificial Intelligence – make way for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can create its own AI, and get this, it claims to be better than any human-made AI’s. After Google Brain’s introduction of AutoML last May 2017, it has now developed a computer vision system that massively outperforms various current state-of-the-art-models. AI helps primarily in automation of our management tasks, thus, accordingly increase optimization of ads.Although the technology of AutoML is still limited as of now, we can already expect that Google will provide us with less predictable search engine results. Further, it is important to take advantage of machine-learning to gain access to the even more in-depth insights into an account performance.Audience Targeting – Through proper audience targeting, advertisers can effectively choose the best group of audiences that can only see your ads.  Google currently restricts search audience targeting to income, gender, age, and parental targeting. Through the advancements and innovations that Google is undergoing right now, it will be long before we take advantage of the personalized and customized audience targeting in a broader scheme.Mobile-first indexing – due to the increasing usage of mobile all over the world, Google has developed Mobile-First Indexing in the effort of making the web more mobile-friendly as well as determining the behavioural patterns of the users while using their mobile. Through Mobile-First Indexing, a website will be ranked based on how well its mobile version is optimized. Therefore, for your site to be able to rank better, you must have a responsive website based on the user’s preferred device. Not only it adds up to the change increase its rank, this also helps in enhancing the user experience as the design fits the size of the user’s screen, making it a lot easier to navigate your site.We are sure that there are a lot more changes, trends and whatnots that will surface the world of search marketing from today onwards, while it can be very overwhelming, we must make sure that we adapt well for us to utilize these improvements in a more productive manner.