May 31,

Artificial Intelligence in social media advertising


Role of AI in Social Media Advertising

Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Advertising is a match made in heaven. This collision in the marketing galaxy made an amazing impact and modern-day marketers are quite delighted about it. This perfect integration of technologies aims to deliver outstanding and unparalleled performance. Both technologies are taking over the world of marketing by storm, they revolutionize the way marketers curate every strategy and execute every campaign. It overpowers the traditional advertising like Radio, TV and newspaper ads in the process.

Marketers who are receptive to innovation in digital trends understand the fact that they need to incorporate the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence in the Social Media. It will help produce more compelling results, get greater consumer insights and improve their marketing skills in general.

So, what exactly is Artificial Intelligence, and well do we know about it? Contrary to the common notion, AI has been around since 1956, programmed to mimic the “cognitive” functions of human minds like learning, symbolic methods and problem-solving. Today, AI has been receiving tremendous recognition due to the proliferation of data volumes and sophisticated algorithms.
AI transforms Social Media Advertising through different aspects and bridges the gap between Science and Marketing. Let us go through the following:


Content creation is one of the most exciting and painstaking tasks to do in Social Media Advertising. It requires a lot of ideas and artistry to come up with something that your audience will appreciate. AI helps marketers generate a variety of content through different tools called bots such as Chatbots Weather bots and Newsbots.
Moreover, through Artificial Intelligence, optimization of content has never been easier. This potent tool enables a marketer to understand data analytics including the performance level and its rate of engagement. Without the help of AI, it would be hard to determine which kind content (text, video, image) is delivering positive feedbacks from the audience. To further help you in optimizing all the content you produced, you can use some of the tailored industry’s tools based on the types of audiences.


As they say, if you do not take care of your customers, somebody else will. According to study, 42% of customers expect brands to answer all their queries within an hour through their social media channels.

Social Media helps various brands to connect with their clientele. This is the most efficient and effective way to gather information, insights, and feedback from all their products and services. It is inevitable to encounter different forms of comments but remember to always provide an answer in a prompt manner to avoid future misunderstandings and confusions.

Answering all the queries of the customers from time to time would be impossible for humans or brands to devote 24/7 of their time answering queries and/or solving complaints, this is where Artificial Intelligence comes into play. Through AI it can generate answers to some of the questions of every customer. Although it still needs to go a long way if we talk about improvement because it can only provide a very limited mechanical or pre-programmed answer. A chatbot is one of the famous tools right now in managing a volume of queries and filter spam posts as well.

In line with this, it will be a different story if we will talk about ad-hoc engagements, while artificial intelligence in getting more and more sophisticated as time passes by, still it is unable to replicate the authentic human connections and personal involvement. The emotional aspect is still a long way to go for Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence imposts a very serious challenge to all marketers to generate more ideas on how this technology can help their businesses. Social Media Advertising and the entire digital marketing landscape will travel greater heights with the help of AI especially in enhancing the algorithms in target consumer research.
Artificial Intelligence can be overwhelming, while it can establish tremendous change for your business, make sure that you must not lose your brand persona or identity in the process.