Emirates Healthcare Group

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Social, Programmatic Display and Videos, Search


Digital media planning & buying


The Emirates Healthcare Group purpose different assets covers such as Emirates Hospitals, Cosmesurge, Emirates Rehabilitation And Homecare Centre, Standalone Clinics And Medical Centres. Apart from direct healthcare, This group has also invested in centresof excellence for rehabilitation, general well-being and cosmetic services.

The Emirates Healthcare Group welcome more than 1,670 people and 293 doctors exert.


Emirates Hospital was looking to increase their customer base through digital channels. The data would then be passed on to their customer team to develop a relationship and possibly a new offers. 

To carry out this lead generation campaign, we used different tools such as social media, Google AdWords & Search and Oracle platform

To satisfy our consumer, we realized 70 million impressions, 60 thousand clicks were able to reach us and use our service, and finally we received more than 14 thousand leads.

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