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New Website Design

Website design


Launched in 1982, produced in Saudi Arabia and the UAE since 2005. Barbican is the malt drink of choice for the young in the region because is non-alcoholic malt drink.

This brand is distributed only by The AujanCoca-Coca Beverages Company.


With the launch of the new barbican  campaign targeting KSA youth, our  client was seeking a team to create  local Arabic content for social media, and to promote the campaign for reach  and awareness through redesigning its website. 

To carry out this lead generation campaign, we used different tools such as social media, programmatic display & videos, Google AdWords & Search and Oracle platform.

Many thanks to the efforts that have been provided by outran we realize 20 million impressions 12 millions users were able to reach us and use our service, based on that we had 2 million clicks, 5 million views and 500 thousand engagements in 6 months.

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