Dec 28,

Instagram Advertising Ideas 2018

Since 2010 when Instagram Advertising ideas are debuted, this platform has already gained a tremendous popularity since then. In fact, according to Instagram, 60% of Instagram users say they the platform made a way for them discover new products in the market, whereas, 75% of them made an action after being inspired by a post, in addition, 60% of the micro-influencers believed that Instagram is the best overall platform for engagement.Moreover, as Instagram was acquired by Facebook, its users skyrocketed and generated more traffic as it creates more advertising and marketing opportunities for businesses in more ways than one. It is no doubt, the very reason as to why the number of advertisers has doubled over the years.As Instagram advertising methods becomes a popular hub for various users reaching to a staggering number of 700 million, it became an easy target for various businesses to acquire more online visibility and discoverability for their target audiences.A lot of advertisement are flourishing the platform every second, showcasing their respective products and services.A jump into social media marketing will definitely works for high yield of popularity and business leads following proper advertising strategies. So, what kind of ads should a business must dive into to improve their online engagement?

Boopin suggests below Instagram advertising ideas  for your business:

Stories Advertisements:

Stories normally appears at the top of the user’s feeds that play only for 24 hours. This is the newest amongst all types of ad formats in Instagram, a lot of advertisers are leaning towards this ad format primarily because it can spike up your brand and product awareness. This is also good for small and medium enterprises because it is not as expensive as snapchat.

Video Advertisements:

Video content is the new thing right now in the social media world and advertisers are all out in providing the videocentric Instagram users. According to studies, 71% of advertisers are willing to produce advertisements in video format, with 27% of them opted to target Instagram. Videos are like to encourage more engagement and impressions than any other form of ads.

Photo Advertisements:

This format manifests the usual or standard Instagram posting. It is a great opportunity to strengthen your brand’s image and at the same time an opportunity to promote your products and services. Incorporating some compelling, insightful, relatable and snackable well-crafted images with easy to understand concept.

Carousel Advertisements:

Suitable for e-commerce website, carousel is one of the most effective and interesting way to promote your products in Instagram, it features up to 10 different images that users can swipe, all these images are linked to a different webpage of your choice. It can improve your website visits and clicks as well.

Every advertiser must be creative enough to effectively showcase their products in this ever-evolving digital platform, users now are always looking for something that will capture their attention. Be always on the lookout for the newest tricks in the market, on the latest digital trends to continuously feed your audience with more relevant, valuable and entertaining posts or ads.